Throwback Thursday: 6 of Christian Bautista’s Remarkable Collaborations

Christian B and Sarah G

It may not be the most accurate way to measure your worth as an artist, but for many musicians – you know you are the thing when everyone wants to collaborate with you. From being a singer in Sunday school as a child to being called the Asia’s Romantic Balladeer, Christian Bautista has come along way – and here are his most notable duets in the past ten years.

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MLFTS Hangover: 3 Reasons Why Steffi and Winston Should Have Ended Up Together


Sure thing, what Steffi and Matteo have is something quite special. Matteo deserved a happy ending; he waited long enough to be with the one he loves. However, haven’t you wondered if things ended up in a different way? If Steffi chose Winston (played by the one and only Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista), wouldn’t there be more spice in the story?

For those who consider themselves supporters of Team Winston, here are three reasons why he is the deserving man to win Steffi’s heart.

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Christian Bautista Lets Go with His New Single “Huling Harana”


A famous question that always heats up the conversation when the topic is about love – will you beg your partner to stay and save the relationship, or witness everything fall apart? As much as it hurts, the second option may be the reason to make the other party happy. Therefore, there’s a possibility that someday you’ll have to let each other go. Do you agree?

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The “Why” Series Part 1: 3 Reasons Christian Bautista is Always on My Playlist


Christian Bautista has been around for almost 15 years, and to tell you the truth, I’ve been listening to his ballads since I was nine years old. His debut album was the first CD I ever bought and it was on Christmas day of 2004! From the self-titled album to the Soundtrack era, the distinctive sound of this romantic balladeer has never left my ears.

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3 Christian Bautista Songs that Give Courage to Fall in Love… Again


Perhaps the most popular balladeer in Asia, Christian Bautista was able to capture the hearts of his listeners through his remarkable love songs. For more than a decade, he has interpreted quite a lot of lyrics using his sweet and caressing voice – having a distinctive soft tone everyone can recognize – that made him one of the industry’s sought-after singers. Not to mention, he’s also fond of experimenting new sounds and writing his own songs.

But other than his heart-breaking hits such as Invincible, I Remember the Girl and Kelan Kaya, did you know that this Asian sensation also released a few songs that will give you hope and courage to not give up on love? Here are 3 songs from Christian Bautista that will make you trust – even though you think it’s not worth a shot.

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