MLFTS Hangover: 3 Reasons Why Steffi and Winston Should Have Ended Up Together


Sure thing, what Steffi and Matteo have is something quite special. Matteo deserved a happy ending; he waited long enough to be with the one he loves. However, haven’t you wondered if things ended up in a different way? If Steffi chose Winston (played by the one and only Asia’s Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista), wouldn’t there be more spice in the story?

For those who consider themselves supporters of Team Winston, here are three reasons why he is the deserving man to win Steffi’s heart.

Good looks


Matteo has the looks of course, but admit it, Winston can fuel up the match and deliver a handsome face as well. He won’t give up that easily for this category, and if Matteo is not in the scene would Steffi still look for another guy? No way! They would make good-looking babies!

A Man of Patience


Matteo has waited for 400 years – a master of waiting game. Nevertheless, Winston can do the same – given that he’s been waiting for Steffi to notice him since childhood. Sadly, Steffi has already fallen for someone she can’t take her eyes off. Winston even sacrificed his life for her despite knowing there’s nothing he’ll get in return – that’s what unconditional love is y’all!

The One That Got Away


In Winston’s own point of view, Steffi might be his TOTGA. But no! If there’s someone who really got away, it’s him! He didn’t win the girl who won his heart, still, he would’ve been the perfect lover any girl’s been dreaming of. He’ll find someone who will reciprocate his love someday, that’s for sure!

Thanks to everyone who watched My Love From the Star and for supporting its cast – it’s been a successful run! Please take note, this blog post is just for fun and a result of a mischievous imagination.

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