The “Why” Series Part 1: 3 Reasons Christian Bautista is Always on My Playlist


Christian Bautista has been around for almost 15 years, and to tell you the truth, I’ve been listening to his ballads since I was nine years old. His debut album was the first CD I ever bought and it was on Christmas day of 2004! From the self-titled album to the Soundtrack era, the distinctive sound of this romantic balladeer has never left my ears.

I even experienced playing his albums through various kinds of music players – the Christian Bautista using a cassette player, the Completely using a Walkman, and the Live by my phone’s Bluetooth and infrared features. These albums were very popular back then, and until now people still listen. Talk about timeless!

Now that we are in the digital age, so many streaming services have popped out. Up to this day, his signature singles are on the list of songs that I always listen to.
Here are three reasons why this talented crooner has always been a part of my playlist.

Nostalgic melodies and lyrics

Songs make people remember special memories that kick off reminiscing – and Christian’s songs bring that kind of magic. It’s fun to look back for a moment every once in a while. I remember watching a classmate singing “She Could Be” outside our homeroom in fifth grade. Good times!

Never gets out of style

Perhaps known by the majority of the public, Christian is the contemporary balladeer. But did you know he has a bunch of catchy pop songs as well? This artist has the staying power because he’s not scared to explore. He’s adventurous enough to experiment, yet his distinctive sound remains. Now, that’s what I call innovative!

Remarkable voice

The fact that this awesome talent is not afraid to try out new things, his voice definitely has the ability of versatility. Showcasing its tenderness from “Afterglow”, it really proved it can take on tracks such as “All That’s Left” and “Unphotographable”.


Speaking of playlist, catch Christian on GMA Network’s Playlist Live today, 5pm! Hear him sing popular songs you’ve never heard him perform live before!

For more Christian Bautista updates, follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

(Images from GMA Network)


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