8 Times Christian Bautista Shows Off His Adorable Side


Warning! This awesome asiansation’s looks could kill. Well, that’s just one of his special powers – to slay you out of kilig!

To kick things off, let’s not forget how handsome he is.

Oh you wish you could touch his hair too, right?

giphy (1)

Can I hear “I love you” in an Australian accent as well?

Aww… which one’s cuter? L.O.L.

You better know the right answer! 😛

When he delivers a corny joke…

Triggered si aqoe! But still gets benta anyway. Thank God May 1 is over! Ha ha peace out!

giphy (2)

With his special someone.

Too much love in the air momshie and papshie ❤

giphy (4)

When he sings along to his own song.

Carpool karaoke with you is the dream! Can I just book you through Uber?

How about a different song?

So jealous of kuya wearing the sunglasses!

OMG! I just died!

Why so pogi Matteo and Winston? Oh Steffi! Such a lucky human being!

giphy (5)

Christian Bautista is currently portraying the role of Winston Libredo in My Love from the Star based on the Korean drama hit. It airs 8:30 p.m. weekdays after Mulawin vs. Ravena on GMA 7.


The Asia’s Romantic Balladeer also has a new single from his upcoming album! “Kapit” is now available on the most popular streaming sites! Watch the music video below:


Here’s how you can vote the song on Myx:

  1. Register on http://myxph.com 
  2. Go to the POLLS box


For more Christian Bautista updates, follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!


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