3 Christian Bautista Songs that Give Courage to Fall in Love… Again


Perhaps the most popular balladeer in Asia, Christian Bautista was able to capture the hearts of his listeners through his remarkable love songs. For more than a decade, he has interpreted quite a lot of lyrics using his sweet and caressing voice – having a distinctive soft tone everyone can recognize – that made him one of the industry’s sought-after singers. Not to mention, he’s also fond of experimenting new sounds and writing his own songs.

But other than his heart-breaking hits such as Invincible, I Remember the Girl and Kelan Kaya, did you know that this Asian sensation also released a few songs that will give you hope and courage to not give up on love? Here are 3 songs from Christian Bautista that will make you trust – even though you think it’s not worth a shot.


(Written by Tat Tong & Produced by Ito Rapadas)

A breath of fresh air, Whole talks about choosing to be with the one you love through good times and bad times. It convinces you to stay in love even during the storm, as there is a daybreak to look forward to – leading to a perfect morning.

Rescue You (featuring Sam Concepcion)

(Written by Tat Tong and Christian Bautista & Produced by Tat Tong)

Saving someone from a painful experience, Rescue You is mainly about patience and recovery. So, don’t close your door, someone out there might just be waiting for the right time to fill the deepest corner of you heart and bring back the life you had before.



(Written by Christian Bautista and Brian Lotho & Produced by Brian Lotho)

The lead single from the crooner’s upcoming album, Kapit is a Tagalog song inspiring you to hold on to save your relationship despite the trials. This latest hit explores an upbeat vibe direction – hearing a different Christian compared to his previous works.

Christian is currently portraying the role of Winston in My Love From the Star – a remake of the 2014 Korean drama by GMA 7. For more Christian Bautista updates, follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Images from Universal Records Philippines


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